Matiricie Journey

1st Ankara Journey

Hello everyone from my first blog!

I hope all is well for you dear reader. In this blog, I will talk about the birth story of a team. Here comes the Matiricie team!

A team that placed 10th in Teknofest Unmanned Underwater Systems category. They are currently preparing for the RoboSub competition in the USA.

A team that placed 10th in Teknofest Unmanned Underwater Systems category. They are currently preparing for the RoboSub competition in the USA.

We are 5 students studying at Edirne DENEYAP Atölyeleri.

In Edirne DENEYAP Atölyeleri which started education in 2019 A sweet excitement began in February 2020.

To the METU Robot Days which held in Ankara

participation decision was made. Our class, that consist of 20 people, is randomly divided into five-people teams. And then our first attempts at making robots…

It had been only a few months since Edirne DENEYAP Atölyeleri opened. Back then our first journey with Arduino,which only a few of us are aware, has begun.

We struggled with arduino for days. We learned about libraries and sensors. Oh especially line follower sensors…

I have to admit, we couldn’t make the robot. It didn’t go forward. We are just begginers. We were learning about everything new. We didn’t even know how to do research on the internet or read forums. But this competition is very valuable as it teaches us what we do not know.

We went to Ankara by plane. It was the first flight experience for many of us. For example, for me. My mentor Mert Hızmalı said “Esra gulp!”  then my hearing ability came back and my cousin who knew a lot explained it scientifically…

When we arrived in Ankara, we stayed in an accommodation center choosen for us by our Youth Center. It was a great place indeed. I have very good memories there. Great memories of laughing and having fun with my friends. We soldered circuits in our room. And we all fell asleep the night before the competition working for the robot. They even took pictures with me! Oh my dear friends!

I was crying because we failed while we were entering the competition area. I felt very bad. Now I understand that if I had given up while crying there that day, I would not be able to write these lines here and this site would never have been established. Here’s another reason not to give up. After every night, a sun rises 😊

Oh, by the way, our team members were in different teams in this competition. The people we met at METU Robot Days must have seen the light in us and recommended us to attend Teknofest. And thus the Matiricie team was established.

This is how we came together. We gathered in Ankara as the most agreeable people and said, “Hello friends, I’m Matiricie!” (By the way, our name is read as metirisi.)

2nd Ankara Journey

We were in Ankara again in the past days and for the same reason, METU Robot days.

As I told you, when we reached the competition area, I was crying. But this time I was standing at the stand that was opened specially for us. On the one hand, we were exhibiting the underwater robot we developed, on the other hand, we were making an introductory presentations to our guests. And as a team that in took 10th place at Teknofest and was accepted from the competition that will be held in the USA. That’s what I call progress!

We have completed another Ankara adventure where we met with our sponsors and gave interviews to news agencies. We will have more Ankara, America stories and I will be writing each of them here.

So much thanks to our mentors who support us under all circumstances and to our sponsors for believing in us.

See you in my next post!!