Our Projects

We were established in 2019 to participate in the Teknofest 2020 Unmanned Underwater Systems category. Since then, we have implemented 2 underwater vehicle projects. In 2022, we aim to add 2 new vehicles among us! Here are our vehicles:

MTR-Beta: MTR-Beta, which is the first underwater vehicle developed by the Matiricie team; It is a light and compact vehicle with a 3D printed body design. Using a 6-engine configuration, this vehicle weighs only 3 kg!

MTR-Alpha: MTR-Alpha was developed to find solutions to the problems encountered after MTR-Beta; It has been developed in line with the Teknofest 2021 target with its double-decker chassis design, ease of transportation and powerful engines. The raw material of this vehicle, which is designed with a 6-engine configuration with higher thrust, is an engineering plastic called polyethylene, so it stays suspended in the water and can easily and balancedly make up and down movements in the water.

We are integrating our cumulative experience and knowledge pool into our new vehicles! All the setbacks and problems experienced for the Poseidon and RoboSub 2022 vehicles designed for the Teknofest 2022 Unmanned Underwater Systems competition were also taken into account, and work continued without slowing down to reveal the most innovative vehicle.

Software Department

It provides the necessary software for reading and interpreting the data coming from the sensors on the robot. It designs the necessary image processing algorithms for Autonomous Missions and writes the image processing codes using artificial intelligence. It enables the communication of embedded systems in the vehicle.

Mechanical Department

The mechanical department is responsible for the design of our robot. It aims to design with high mobility with equipment suitable for the tasks (torpedo, robotic arm, etc.). It analyzes the static and dynamic pressure which the vehicle will be exposed under water and creates the final version of the design by making revisions accordingly.

Electronics Department

 The members of the electronics department are concerned with the power distribution of the circuit elements and control cards we use in our robot and their placement in the robot, choosing the appropriate circuit elements and making an electronic design within the framework of our needs. It also deals with the connection of the vehicle with the power source and the choice of this power source (lipo, lithium-ion battery or ac/dc power source transmitting power from the surface).

Public Relations Department

 The public relations department is responsible for advertising the team. Arranges sponsorship negotiations. Performs social media management. Also handles filing duties for the team. Designs the team website, the team t-shirts and the roll-up banners. In addition to the tasks, the recognition of the team and advertising tools such as websites and t-shirts are also evaluated in the RoboSub competition.