Makes the design and wiring of robot circuits.


Codes so that the autonomous vehicle can perform the tasks.


Responsible for the design of the vehicle. Designs the vehicle suitable for competition with simulations.

Public Relations

Provides budget control. Reviews sponsorship negotiations.

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After taking Algorithm courses at Edirne Deneyap Teknoloji Atölyeleri, we decided to participate in the METU International Robot Days competition. It was a huge step for us as young engineers who had just met Arduino. With this experience gained in Ankara, METU, we discovered the love of engineering in all of us. We decided to participate in the Teknofest competition, which is the most prestigious
competition in our country. We gained a lot of experience in Teknofest 2020. In Teknofest 2021, we built on our experiences and finished 10th among 206 teams. Thus, we had a lot of experiences about unmanned underwater vehicles. As the engineers of the future, we continue our work to represent our country in America.

Our vehicle MTR-Alpha

Placed 10th among 206 teams

in the 2021 Teknofest

Unmanned Underwater Systems Category

Here it is: Poseidon!

Ease of transport

If you have a Remoted Operated Vehicle, it can be a bit of a hassle to transport. However, our robot design, which we developed as the Matiricie team, provides ease of transportation!

Ability to dive 100 meters deep

The tube used allows us to reach a depth of 100 meters. In this way, we can easily perform tasks that will be given to our robot in the seas!


The materials used in the design of our robot are especially recyclable. You can reprocess and use ingredients with just one toaster!

We are at Teknofest 2022!

As the Matiricie team, we are participating in the Teknofest 2022 Unmanned Underwater Systems competition to combine our experiences in Teknofest 2020 and 2021 Unmanned Underwater Systems competition to reveal the best vehicle.

Poseidon, the improved version of our 2021 vehicle MTR-Alpha; thanks to compact chassis design, x-y axis motors being close to the center of gravity, it offers ease of use!